Sunday, May 31, 2009

something about me~

i opened my wallet..
inside doesnt hav money..
a wallet without money,
how could it be?

really spent money like breathing air,no limits.
sometimes,hav to b more generous,but not stingy.
sometimes,it is reversed~
money cannot b everything, but everything is a nice song man~..
u should hav listened to it@@

my brain is stucked~
lol byebye~

Saturday, May 30, 2009



how many E's hav i written?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

changed my mind


changed my mind,
back to square 1,
back to blogger,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

homework all the time for the left of one n the half year..'-'



haix... thinking of homework, thinking of how tired iam xD..
lols, it seizes me all the time, whenever i am in skol.
swt, kai wan xiao nia~

without realizing, i dont even hav the time to blog anymore..
decision is always hard to be made..
officially ,

i QUIT blogging begins from now.
thks for all ur supports..
nice to meet me xD..

Monday, May 25, 2009

A picture means thousand words,or even millions~

was in the toilet of ... bei zhan,
my cousin, cute leh..lols

This is more clear~

Muet test's timetable~

i hav got the form of muet test from malaka edu depart..==
iam still undecided weather iam taking..

these breads bring me alot of fun n it goes same to my class^^

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"I want to c my card" said by some 1.. ^^

these cards ar currently pasted on my wall^@^(100pluzzZ saw urs ?)kakaz

the content written by her~

my name..ben keke

this 1 is the main page.. so nice~

after few days of my birthday, i received a letter.
it came from johor bharu, johor.
how could i blif it?
it was a birthday card sent to me..
100pluszzZ~~yeap, was her'-'
after i received, i quickly thank her so much bcuz iam Touch/terseru or gan dong~~ xP..
yea.. iam here now showing few photos that i hav collected these few years ^^

iam glad iam having so many true friends? or even good friend also can la..
but, some hav ard lost contact~

i really appreciate it.
THKs to everyone lo..
haha... jia u jia u@@

wei 100pluszzZ haha~
good luck in maktab noe==
if both f6 n maktab cant enter,
go NTU lor @@

Thursday, May 21, 2009

teo SAM SENG= Teo Kok Seng(sibeh cute '--')

thks for ur comment~~
latest time table

tis 1 is.. each person each, i took 10 like tat..but its useless for me

NTU=makan duit xD

dont change anymore

i will mostly emphasize my post on my lovely MATH P1 teacher,
the sam seng Teo.

how am i going to describe him neh?
he is cute just like a panda bear(seen b4 panda bear?)
they way he acts, is just nothing different from doraemon
AND, the way he speaks, LOL~
got chance i wan record it down *-*

even though tis morning was quite hot,but it was still cool~(wtf nonsence)
yea. MUET is sickening for me,cuz god has given Epsilon n Delta class a...teacher~
when i got back my short essay from muet's teacher,
she wrote few funny comments to me==
c ur self lar.. :P
during 2day's free period, i went to L6 Art3 buat kkacau again**
pigu's breads were so pity,but he deserved it?
lols..the breads were being cucuk by scissor n gunting,done by kenny!
howeva, he still ate it ^^

now's the turn explaining wat events hav taken part in math's periods.
he told us, normaly ur ar not allowed to b later than me to b in class
the reason is just tat simple he said.
"when my lesson starts at 7.40am, i will surely reach class in the time 3 minutes late " ==
cuz i walk got a little bit slow @@ LOL LA!
"There ar many rules in my class"
1)knot b later than me to b in the class.
2)hav to hand in my homework in a week time
3)tis n tat.....(4got)

nevertheless(correctly spelled?), we hav given 25 marks bonus in our exam.
the 25marks could b interprateting by:
10 marks class's attendence in every lesson
5 marks for homework
5 marks for attitude or behaviour
lastly,5 marks for assignment.

DAM IT, even after u sick with sick letter coming back to skol also consider as ponteng sekolah
then mr.teo explained to us..
as a 18 year old teenager, ur should stay healthy,but not in sick conditions.
So when u got sick, that's ur mistake n ur problem cuz u dint take good responsibilty to take care urself.
haha, weird reason~
aiyo, there were many craps by him samo le,4gotten

oh yea.. the cb monitor "dua" me go die when mr.teo wants a helper/coordinator for his subject
zz... wtf kuen, kam lan >_<
lols..but luckily he is cute enough, so i dont really mind ^@^

hmm...more interesting 1 was.. mr.wee choi chiang(physics teacher)
attendence=attenden(the "ce" he dint pronounce==)
he came in for the 1st time in class,then he started teaching BASE n DERIVE quantities
he invented a new base quantity==weird

Area -wee(his name)
Volume -choi(his name too==)

waakaka... funny him, should hav given him a nobel price==

diu la.. time table changes again,
luckily i dint copy, i am high tech de..
snap it down only..

2day NTU also came to our skol after going to YB..
walalal... aiyo, any further informations go to BANANA's blog lar..
she written so many info there,, xD..
but in my opinion, its too pricy.
i go bcome bapa ayam also cant manage to pay the fees le==

oh ya,i recalled someting,
just now in conversation, ah qing mui mui asked me to write her in my blog,
but she asked us not to call her as qing muimui anymore,
cuz scare later on something unhappy happens.
no idea la..==
wat else?
go die la..
write till tulan ad..ops
is type but not write '-'

after skol hor,andrew, ho sin, pigu,shawn n me went to popular.
i bought nothing but 3 boxes of Rocky to enjoy in class 2molo:D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1st PA homework, graph drawing@@

PA= pengajian am or pendidikan akaun?
for me , its pengajian am@@

2day morning going to skol, i stopped by n tapau nasi lemak for recess again==
but the person dint hav the plastic spoon.
so how?
once the moment i reach skol,
straight go canteen v kenny n grabbed 4 spoons n kept it in pocket~

cuz wanna to eat in class ma(my class=floating=physics lab~)
dun wan go to canteen,lazy,
sad..2day pigu has changed to L6 A3
art stream T.T

yea.. mr.fong againz
not him..ops
it is my Math paper 2 teacher, pn tai.
diao her~
keeps on copying notes on board,
caused me not to copy,cuz of laziness

sampat 1..
maths copy note==
then sejarah no nid hafal lo, practise can ad@@

2day launch where i went for a?
oh ya!
went to the putra hospital thr n ate prawn's mee
sibeh delicious eh'-'

swei man(i meant qing is swei, not me==).. i met cikgu tay n jian hong there..
then i vourlanteer go to talk with cikgu tay,n "shun bian"
'dua' jian hong go die,
asking her where is her mui mui..
then cikgu tay keeps on wondering wat iam talking

then i quickly cabut lor..==

oh ya hor.
in lab ryte, a miracle thing happened
ah kuen go n disturb a gurl!!!!
swt.. dont bliv, enlarge that photo@_@
u could surely see it ^^

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

done a good deed in class

pigu.. lan c lar..
showed me the forms for transfering to art stream
so wat..
haha... grabbed it and liquid it with liquid paper..
n i just randomly filled in the form for him~
iam just helping my class not to lose a student,especially a good student like him xD

2day weather is dam fucking hot, till i sweat through the whole day..
chemist sub was given homeworkSSSSSSSSSSS
cracked my head n yet duno to do.==
but doesnt matter.
i am stil having a lot of time,
after calculation,
17 months like tat :P

but, kuliah for chemist n physics hav been launched 2day!!
nice air-corn, made me dam sleepy

2day last period,the duno wtf teacher dint come into class,
caused me to loiter again n again,
almost for a week i loitered..
but 2day 3rd period was fun~
every lower six was loitering around the skol, cuz it was a free period@_@
such a klaster skol..

eh, chemist duno to do lar..
cracked my head thinking of it><

iam sweating now, cuz my air-corn is not on
but tis noon i dint take a nab,
thats y iam tired for this moment~

Monday, May 18, 2009

today is monday,2molo is tuesday n yesterday was sunday

such a wasted day after waking up so early in the morning,
howeva~ i still hav to go to the klaster skol=.=
prettily sad..slightly late for 2day, caused andrew to wait me for minutes.
we went to skol ealier this morning, cuz all the traffic lights were in green

then, at time 7.15, there were still no cars on the road, all the rempits, bicycle were not seen..
meaning that many students ponteng lor..or playing truant!!
dam it..~
we were required to stay in the halll, as the audience for the performances..

in skol, loitered here n there
nothing much..
wanted to go back to sfi, but no transport to go home le later
hence, i and andrew went to makan cha siew peng@@
at the nine story building thr@_@~

erms... its late now
i am gona chao ad~
bye ^_^


tis part is i purposely wake up from the bed, cause cant fall asleep,
to continue writting my post..
haha.. after i reached home bout 2pm like tat,
i straight felt asleep on my sofa==
haven bath untill 7 pm i got up,
i started bcame blur...
duno wat to do==

luckily, jj phoned me, go for yam cha~
haha.. 2gather v soon, shi jie ,jj n eric
at bukit baru ? consider as bukit baru?
apple burger thr..
b4 leaving, met terrence there.
lol a him..
so late ny go makan==
weirdo '-'
tapi tak ajak lo ...

ok la..
look at the time now, almost 1 am xD
haha.. i can really fall asleep le,
cuz i taken a 5-hour nap in the noon@@
ee... not sleepy at all @_@

Saturday, May 16, 2009

bla bla blu blu bibibi~

Leapord~no time bo c...

Soon~currently studying in mmu@@

King~hair is still shorter than mine xD.. wakak

flies~ kam lan...==!!! haha
sheng, whr is ur hui yi??? @_@~

wao~wat song i was singing?????

new pattern==

got bit blur, but iam in the photo^^

saw the hosin? so bo chi==

men in black'-'

lama tak makanT.T yummy@@

qing, ur mui mui is not here -.-



latest post!! nice nice@@

yay, i was ss-ing~

pigu, i cant c ur eyes==
wat had happen?

iam lazy to describe n explain the invents tat hav taken part
looking at those pictures,good use of ur imagination n think what had happened
there ar nothing much, CC + PooL + KTV = $(flows away)
may b until monday...
but 2day is the exactly date of teacher day!!!

iam here wishing all the teachers that had thought me b4...

~Happy Teacher's Day~

Hopes ur will teach me well in form 6 T.T (mhs teachers,L6 Epsilon teachers)
n others teachers, try ur best to educate human beings..
monday.. most probably will go back to old skol(sfi) to wish my lovely teacher.
she is the one.. the most outstanding n patient? in sfi..xD
hav to wait til monday for latest post??

sweet memories do not fate..
take it n keep it for ever lasting~
gamateh!! or even yamateh@@

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ends the orientation of MHS~


thinking of it...
iam so high again in skol 2day...
tapau...6 packets of nasi lemaks...
hmm... tats y andrew n i were late to skol..
sorry leT.T

howeva.. the kind prefect just let us go ny..^^
cuz we ar new in mhs... bo pian xD...
diu lar...
when i reached dewan, the king has reserved me a place..
just next to gurl nia... z him..
makes me so pai seh..(jk ny)
i wont pai seh de... kakaz

the moment starts the practicing for performance..
i ard predicted my group is losing..
cuz.. iam the one..==
who always playing in the group ...

performed and lost..
itu dia...
qing n his mui mui's group won..

After recess...we ar seperate into our own classes.
dam it, when the guy announce the physics class's name,
my name was not in the list,dam it.
giv me so leceh hav to find the teacher to settle it

that teacher said sure is i nvr hand up my form,
tats y my name was not in.
Lastly, he took out all the forms n did a scanning on my name,
and my name was found.
ceh.. u noob say la..
say i dint hand up . :D
ceh ceh~

i was put into Lower6 Epsilon...
wtf... 3rd class out of 3 physics classes
n i really..u noe?? tulan tulan n tulan..haha
cuz those teachers always mention,
sekolah klaster. nah _l_
how can a sekolah klaster having foating classes on F6?

my class was placed in physics lab..
just has almost 20 students in my class..

BOYS:got kuai lan one, got kam lan one..wat also hav la..
kenny, velu, pigu, julian n me ar in the same class^^
tis time ho seh lo..
how to study lidat?
but luckily, velu is going to leave MHS in a month time.
ceh ceh..==

2day, our P.A n Math T teacher came in..
PA teacher nothing speacial..
that math teacher, mr.teoh..
lol la..
cant tahan his pattern, cute like doraemon
at first, he wants to giv us 5 math questions as homework everyday,
but after our objections,
he turns the homework into 3 questions..
i pulak go ask him wether can bcome 2 questions bo..?
"U better go n cha kueh tiao " he told me==
lan c pulak.
howeva,he is a good teacher, as my friend says@_@

for now,i think there ar only 6 gurls in my class??
lol... boys ar so dangerous le, cuz gurl ar so less.
noob noob>_<

Unity is strength..
our unity has voted kuen(chee hsien) as monitor..
in no way he can reject it^^
but for the assistance monitor,sure u noe is who ard la..
we ar going to vote too..==
husband n wife ryte? xD

when i passed by jian hong's class,
i purposely step on the floor loudy,
unfortunately,the teacher heard n saw me..
she told her class"ini macam anak gajah,dont learn from him"
then i nothing to say lo..

time table has out..
yea... every copied it..
i just captured it down..
lazy a.. xD..
wat to do..
they do not wan to carry out spot checks for mobile phone.

2day after skol dismissed...
i bought many junk foods for 2molo party in class
enjoy wat. xD

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not at the right time...

while writing now,iam supposed to b in my room...
something that i hate it the most happens again

alone in the room, with the air-corn on..
peaceful surrounding...enjoying myself on the monitor screen..
all of a sudden...
sis came in..wanna to do homework n use this notebook..
concerning this matter...
i could understand it n just allowed her to came in..
at least she wont nag at me..

one by one after my sis came in...
my dad pulak... mum lagi..
ho seh lor..==
let me rest in peace also cant...
once they stepped in my room,
starts to nag non-stop...
after nagging then diao me lo...

cuz i ownself signed the koku forms...
without their understanding?
joined anything also dint tell them..
but unfortunately,i keeps canceling the words tat iam wrongly written..
just cancel here n thr.. makes the 3 koku forms so untidy..
cham lo.. kena diao till....

fed up of it..
i brought the whole laptop to downstairs...
in my dinning there...
switch on the home theater loudly...
v some songs..
n started to on9 n writing tis blog..

they jus ar that person tat ar FANG BU XIA~
but they ar still my parents..
i wont quarrel v them..
cuz its a stupid act..
just will keep quite..
n talk to them if neccesarry..
wat to do...

things hav changed...
every single act/movement/activity has to report to my mum..
walalallaa.. lol la...

the song which is playing now is...."Wei Ni Er Huo"~
haha.. nice song... enjoyed..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

could not stands it anymore... dammm IT

sad case...
after 18 years of being a cheerful guy..
i am not anymore..

thinking back of my life when i was still staying in banda kaba for almost 17 years..
cant imagine tat i was such a freedom guy...
with my old bike,branded only transportation..
i could go whereva tat i like..dp? mp? 3 roses? heng ann? bandar hilir?
yok bin? even bunga raya...
everything has totally changed in the way tat i hated it so much..@@

although a small spaceless n old house has given me a unforgetable teenager life,
now i hav to stay far far away frm the city n hav no own transportation at all...
my life has become so so so n so boring n being controlled.
no doubts, my social life has been decreasing all the time...

For the past 5 years,iam always independent...
cycling to school for all the time...
doesnt like to depends on parents...cuz they ar too annoyed at that moment...
so after school, i always go loiter around mp n dp...
sometimes,i with my gang will go for lunch n even a movie..
then after fully enjoyed, i only cycle home...
at that time..thr was no time limit for me,
want to go back in 4pm also no nid to inform parents,cuz iam the driver..
tat kind of life was such a wonderful,sweet and unforgettable in my teenager life~

NOW,after being a form 6 student,everything screwed up...
dam it...with no own transportation...
i hav to go to town from batu berendam,
if i were given a choice,i will surely not going to folo my parents car..
cuz...their concern to me is too over==...then finally it bcomes annoying..
u noe?? things ar always tat unfair...

Even though there ar 2 cars in my house,
!!!!!!!!!!!!! A vios n another is naza ria..
i will hav no car to drive IF iam having a lisence now >.<
dam it.. my bro... from proton wira can evolution into a vios...
wat man..weird thing le...
then as time passed by, that vios has becoming his's!!!
left that naza, my parents hav to use it for so many purposes..
going work@fetching sis go school@fethcing sis go tuition/swimming@including going out...

so.. u can c it clearly, for surely i wil not having my own transportation..
n yet i stay so far... really is sibeh swei-___-...
my small requirement to parents, a 2nd handed kancil less than 10k...
could it be "direalisasikan"?
aiyo, motor also doesnt allow me to ride..
wat man... why ar ur so timid??...

LUCKILY, Thanks god...==
for giving me a such helpful n considerate friend in my life..
he is andrew...
Him..fecthes me to school till the day 2day..
so..iam so glad..but howava, i cant depends on him all that time..
somedays, it has to b overcomed!! more headache matter... tuition..
wtf izzit? tolonglar~
u noe..? i hav ard know wat to arrange..for all my things,
if u hav given me a car..or??
accuatly, life is not only bout studying..
while studying, we hav to make fun n cheer up ourself..
so ar u thinking tat i will straight to home after my tuition class?
nearby got satay celup...3 rose.. pork rice.. n Dreambox or jetty...
these ar wat we called as entertainments..

haix.. desperate..
form 6 has given me problems n headache..
but iam still so considerate..
going form 6 to save their money..

do u think every1 likes to go form 6?
but i really prefer form 6 than others collages..
my old house now...i wanna to stay thr also cant..
parents ar so unopen minded==
they should hav upgraded themself inorder to communicate better with their children..
but..good things wont always happen..

life life n life...
iam thinking how to b more save..
save some money...
u noe? i duno le...

even i brought my phone to skol they ar also questioning..
but lucky thing, i told my parents..
skol doesnt allow phones,iam not bringing...
u noe? if let them noe tat iam having phone v me==
my phone will rings non-stop..
haix... some1 helps me..
desperate too much...
luckily iam still me..
will fully go for wateva that i hav decided..


hopes tat in future...
i will archieve all my dreams..
good luck@@

Monday, May 11, 2009

2day starts the journey of one n the half year f6 life..

yea.... its...2day...
wake up early in the morning...6 clcok like tat..
then.. still very sleepy >.<
take my underwear 2gather v my towel go in the toilet...
10 minutes..later~
iam now with my new uniform...
a totally white new shirt n a black pants..
showing that how much i respect form6 is...

6.45am.. andrew fetched me to go skol...
i reached skol almost at 7.15 like tat...
andrew stopped me at eq thr...
thks ya..

qing n kenny hav waited me at eq thr...
then after i n king went to sfi to certify...
we went to kopitiam@@
wow... andrew n jj were thr ard...
with their school mate...

howeva...many of my friends also had a drink in kopitiam...


8.15am.. went in mhs..
ard so many ppl..
sudden..saw lee san==
then mei ting...
tiba-tiba elie pulak... chuak sai...

wtf... the felo asked rm 15 from me xD..
told him tat i dint bring money..^^
but he pulak ask me go borrow from friend...
aiyo.. then i explain to him tat my friend dun wan lend me lar..
swt... at last after fooling him, i paid...*_*

during the orientation...
huh!... i took out my phone n taken few photos..
cant ignoring that i also felt asleep..
after listening to those teacher's craps.. *-*

haha...iam like tat lor...
the bell puntures...
hmm.... went to hav my breakfast..

howava.. do not go to mhs to eat..
the mee goreng thr sucks..>_<..
i eaten one bite n left it on the table..
n ken n i started to "work"
our teacher ordered us b4 to clean the table n put those dishes into a basin..
we just left it on the table==
and poured water on it..

sure the canteen worker tulan us de T_T
hahaha...but it was fun^Y^

then.. we went to visit the toilet thr.. breathtaking lar...
if breath in toilet more than 5 minutes u will faint ~~
lol la...
at least..i captured some "interesting" photos in the toilet..
naked women is drawn on the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!

we sang mhs school song...
and the last activity was...
ice boring...
but if iam taking part..
there will b no boringness at all -.-
ya keh?

firstly, introduce our name n last school to every1 in groups..
King said"iam johnathan fuah, sfi"
Ben replied n raised his hand...
"sorry, i cant hear u.. louder pls" v^@^


wtf...lols... me lian kenny tiew n king were in the same group..
although our group num that ar given were different>_<~ blueek~

ice breaking wor... wat to do...
so sien...
howeva, i took part in it n enjoyed vry much xD...

after skol, we went to mp pizza hut..cuz king threated us ^^ so generous
the waitress dint serve us even giving us menu...
we ar so inpatient ler,,,
our stomach were growning...

so..we still we...
anything tat is not stastified...
we will do "work" again :D


iam so tired now... until iam unable to continue my story..anymore...
haha... let me rest 1st==...