Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shi Jie's Birthday??

mabuk liao...

red ears

The DJ section..swt

omg... this was the smoke==the brithday boy(in white shirt,standing)


it was dark in pure
my face wasn't red yet^^

Andrew fecthed me at 8pm.
we went to find JJ n 2gether go to arena..
cuz frm wat said, their DJ is coming to ARENA at 8pm.
so we wanted to go there n hav a look.
when we reached jetty,
just saw rows of hotlink counter.
meaning that u ar only allowed to enter if u ar a hotlink user n received a entrance masage.
so sad, lost the chance of meeting those DJ.
hmm... so we went to pool againz..
at 9 someting, i had my dinner.
THEN, it was our appointment time.
at 10 pm,
instead of going to cafes or restaurant,
he invited us to pure bar for drinking for his 18th birthday.
since everything has the first time,
JJ, andrew, jun siang n me accepted the invitation.
firstly, he ordered 2 buckets of carlsberg.
after 4 of us finished it,
he ordered another bucket..
knn... a bucket costed RM60 ler,just contained 5 bottles of beer.
total = 3 bucket..
we reached there about 10.30pm like tat
however,i met many of my ex-classmates were there too.
they were jason yew, ho chiong, desmond,the chicken rice seller,kerk, n wei hao.
all went clubbing for nothing..yea~
for me, eventhough iam not that good in drinking beer,
but i averagely drank 3 bottles without realising.
there ar so many tat kind of ppl,ah beng n ah lian at there==
we left that place around 12.15 am.
after tat, we decided to went satay celup AGAIN!! -.-
at ong kim wee~
the just newly opened "new village satay celup"
i totally drunk man this time when i reached there.
just ate 1 stick of satay there..
whole face was red n body was hot..
finally,safety reached home at 1.15 am~
SLEPT directly@@

MHS carnival DAY~

i think as long as we are a team, we ar a team
its bcuz we are a team.

eh... y there ar 2 in different uniforms?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


while i was in skol tis morning...
i4got wat happened..omg

i just remembered that i stayed in skol till 5.30pm...
firstly,i stayed back was to join anyone of the societies..
but i went home by joining non of the societies..


honestly, the marching by pbsm was really neat..n in my opinion,
they deserve to win...i hope so .. yay@@

there ar so many coming activities..haixp...
so life is getting busy le..

tis friday n saturday is my skol carnival day..
many activities ar running at simultanously~
such as, sport competitions between houses,marching competition,cooking competition,camp site competition n last but not least, the stall competition(izzit??)

all these activities ar going to start on tis friday untill the next day..
but latest dicision tat iam not participating in the camp le.. so srry

Monday, June 22, 2009

again, it was a normal day

nothing much except...
2day i experienced a 3 hour-stomachache in skol..
i was just suffering n suffering..
n after skol dismissed , the ache was gone...
waaa... so miracle...

windford is so diao lo..
so many homeworks dint complete..
omg... luckily... i completed.. phew~
but he is really a funny guy in my class..
we always 2gether n play n joke in class ma..haha

during muet's periods..
i pm ah kuan in msn via my phone..
haha... he was wondering y i was onlining.
oh.. muhahaha...

yeepi,2molo iam not going to skol la...
but iam so nervous .. playing truant for a day is enough..
hope can pass my jpj test, if not next week hav to play truant for another day
sad..god bless me@@

when i reached home at around 5.30pm..ah ken(yen qing) phoned me~
he told me a news.. erm.. it was about fong shan..howeva,iam not going to mention here..
its ppl's privacy ..
aiks.. he was asking me whether iam going to mr.tay chemistry ttn class
either saturday or monday~
mostly iam going ard...~ on monday i think??

2molo...god bless me is a MUST leh==
amituofo~~ amituofo~~ ehem!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


still remember tat day..
i think was wednesday?

without realising(honestly,i was purposely),i TER-bring my
phone to skol wor
wor wor wor..
n so unfortunately..
those prefects ar doing a spot check
dam it...
checked everything, except that "part"

luckily..i kept running here n there(among my friends,in the quart)
n my phonne was just following me lo in ppocket...
finally escaped...
really thank god..
tats y..
this is wat we known n klauster skol==

u dont know many things


haha... small leh

omg.. look carefully at the honda's logo n u will find out something loh~

lols... kam lan la
1.Besides your lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
lol... finger nails xD did you feel when you woke up this morning?
hungry n i wan to pee

3.who was the last person/people you took a photo with?

4.would you consider yourself spoiled?
may 1 is perfect

5.will you everdonate blood?
donated in NS

6.have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
iam gay~ you want someone to be dead?

8.what does your last text message say?
diu nei

9.what are u thinking right now?
thinking of wat iam thinking right now

10. do you want someone to be with you now?
who will b that unlucky person?

11.what was the time you went to bed last night?

12.where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
what is tee? someone on your mind right now?

14.who was the last person who text you?
haha... not u..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

no more champion

both rocket n parachuet dint hav champion anymore
just 2nd runner up.. sad...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to square 1..

after another week of long n full filled holidays,
it has came to a full stop.
skol has to b reopened 2molo n....everyone is on uniform againZ!!

during the 2nd week of holidays,
many things hav came across me.
friends,relatives, money, durian n more more ...
its durian session now..........
n the market price of durian now is quite reasonable..
not that pricy~
so i like it so much durian, the one n only durian that i eat is 101~~

at least, out of 7 days, i studied 3 days in ske, the 4 days left were all outing n loitering around~~
may b... tis holiday was the most excited n enjoyable holidays?
outing with NS friends,Form 5 friends, tuition's friends...

physics homeworks ar done, it goes same v math ^^v
i absolutely think tat an interesting of skol life will began!
wao.. cant wait for it...kekez

Sunday, June 7, 2009

outing for the past six days...


1st day of holiday(monday)
erm.. may b i hav 4goten..==
but i think i went out.
cant remember anything,dam it.

2nd day
YEA! went to ske, cuz FC camp,but also non of my business also
just went there kecoh..
on that day, fc went hutan reakreasi for may b i heard they nid helper,
so just go there n find something to do..
howeva, bad thing always happen..
but it was over..
just 4get it, the motor drifted@@
conclusion:spent money

3rd day
tis time,fc went to a'famosa for outing,
but bcuz of something bad occured the day b4,
many of us dint go as helper on that day~
so i stayed at home n ss myself.. haix~
conclusion:no money is spent

4th day
i will not 4get bout tis day,
cuz i was having a driving lesson for both motor n car,
howeva, after 2 n the half hours of waiting for motor practising n after finished pratising,
i looked around for my uncle n he told me..
"ok lar, 2day we no nid learn car lar, cuz the weather is hot lar,
tired, lazy, so i fetch u home "
LOLS... dam u uncle...
u ar really a aeroplane king!
erm.. after tat,
i went for badminton-ing at yok bin,
v my buddies teck soon, jj siew vy n andrew...
not bad~
at nite,went ske again lor..
talent nite for fc ma..
i also duno y i went
may day iam going to bcome monk@@
anyway, the perfomances
in between, we went to mamak stall(mr.yong,mr.lee ,mr.wong, ho sin, zhuang shern,andrew,kenny,king n me!!)
thks to mrwong,he treated us.. kind sir~
conclusion:spent money

5th day
bout 2 something, kenny phoned me,"jom badminton, ah kuan ajak~"
"okok, zhun!"
went to yok bin againz..
tis time,i played v all my soul??
untill.. whole leg was so pain..meant muscle pain la..
then go makan v kenny n ah kuan,
kat ujong pasir near open food court..
i wan poh piah mui~
so chubby~
but she charged me 20 sens for touching her hand==
conclusion:money money n money is spent~

6th day(saturday, gathering of 6B)
worse day..
money flew at the fastest rate!
dam itT.T
b4 going gathering at 7pm, jongker,
ming chee n me were at mp at 2.30pm ad..
then.. we lepaks till 3.00pm till palmer came
after his arrival,i decided to go pooling~
haha.. tis time jia lat ad lo... $$
luckily it was not really expensive, just 4 ringgit i paid xD..
but just pooled for not more than an hour..
so how leh, cuz it was just 4 pm~
then we just went out through the door of pool n entered the door of ktv xD
omg omg... money ar!!
but i shuang wor~
after singing for 3 hours till 7pm..
it's time for gathering!!
tis year..
considered as gathering too~
cuz, finally, there were gurls!!!!!
omg.. like nvr seen gurls b4
but it doesnt matter.
jongker leh...we(tomato,eddie,hosin,yantao,kenny,fat duck,lydia,sher ling,mingchee,kai ying n me)hav to gather there ma
but,they hav been waited for half an hour
not long after the moment kenny,ming chee n i met them,
they said go dp mc.d makan dinner..
wakakkaak... @@
tis time is money again d lor..
$$... y must u left me??
wow,so yan tao v all the gurls except a gurl,min chee..went for a movie,
i had no idea wat they watched..
cuz other of us stay in mc.d n chit chatting~
meanwhile, we decided heading for another venue for lim teh,uncle john
then ah kuan came n met us, cuz he wanna c lydia, long time dint c her ma.
haha, tats y@@
after everyone has gathered in uncle john, we we we...
duno how to say, cuz if the time passes 12 o'clock, it will b geeok chin bday*_*!!
happi belated bday~means(on sunday oledi his bday)
we left uncle john at 12 something n straight went to geok chin house ...
had a group photo v him..
at last, ah kuan is so kind, he fetched me home..
kam xia... kakakx
konklusi:my $$<--- T.T

memang .. sedih~
sudden was asked to go to ijc anime fair..
wow, costed ten riinggit!!!! T.T T_T
jj joined us too tis time..
but less than an hour we went there, we are so annoying cuz of boringness
n decided to go where?
jetty's CC !!
once i sat down, played for 5 rounds of dotas,
how could it be?
n the matter is, when paying money, diu lor...
RM 7.20<---- wtf???
then go mc.d makan LAGI!!!
duno how many times a week mc.d i had?
best lar ur...
after mc.d still wan go CC agains..n they really made it=.=
i really beh tahan, my eyeballs almost dropped on the table.
luckily it was just a round of dota n it also costed rm 2..

suan le bah~
i hav decided,dont go out anymore the day after 2molo~
cuz everything is jus money..dam bull shit!...
n heaven man!
trust me...but b4 going to heaven, hav to go atm 1st=.=
sorry T.T

Thursday, June 4, 2009

aiyo.. this holiday is so busy oO

Busy o busy o busy busy o o o~
aiyo o~ aiyo o ~ aiyoyoyoy oo~
hmm. iam lacked of everything,
especially in term of financial~

otherwise,i will b more save
a penny saved is a penny earned!!
untill right now, i hav been going to ...
let me recall~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

searching for CHEMISTRY tuition class. pls tolong me T.T.



Monday, June 1, 2009