Thursday, February 18, 2010


omg... i almost forget my password since i hav no been blogging for weeks...
phew, luckily still able to access to my little bloggie!!

soo.... 2day is ard friday(chu 6), time flies~
i think iam fully-recovered ard..and thks to everyone....^^

let's begins on last saturday(chu xi), on that day, iam sick and yet visited to grandparents house....
but honestly, i dint hav any new year mood, due to sorethroat on that time...

so on sunday(chu one),fuh, suppose to visit grandparents house at first, BUT, it changed to consult a doctor..
doctor stated that iam on fever , sorethroat , flame and running nose...
i think that these would be my greatest ang pao ever...xD...

then , i visited grandparents house at noon....
if iam not mistaken, i hav been consuming medicine for 1 week plus...haix :(

monday onwards(chu 2), i hav been go out from morning until nite...followed my friends go to bai nian house by house ... haha!!

let me think..
i hav visited....:
-jonathan fuah
-lim kenny
-jai juet
-peii hwei
-sheng chuan
-soon jie
-shin mei
-min chee
-cher pin

17 houses.. xD

hmm... i gtg liao.. to be continued~~
oh ya..
ps: haven touch my homeworks and revisions!!! mathafarker!!