Monday, September 28, 2009


why is everyone not updating his/her blog currently?
no blog to read, sien=__=

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


though she has been a servent b4...still she was highly respected by everyone.
most probably was because she was lovely and has kind manner..
speaks softly, nvr seen her get angry b4..

last time, she was used to stay in kampung(bandar hilir there) for almost 3/4 decade..
after skol dismissed , i walked from pay fong primary skol to my grandma house,just a 5 minute-distance road..

on that time, i was either standard 4 or 5...
after reaching grandma house,i will always ask some money from her to tapau foods..
from her wallet,she took out 1 or 2 ringgit for me ..
Due to young age, i dint realise that how poor was her..and...

the kampung has been sold... and i think days staying in kampung were the days she was most happy...
every chinese new year, less than 100 relatives will b gathered in the kampung, talking to each other...concerning the old ones.. it was a family reunion.

she loves to cook, bakes kuih-muih, dumplings,
almost every chinese traditional cookies she knows how to bake..
she nvr said bad about others,
anything she was unhappy,she will just keep it herself

within these few years..she has became older ...
the only thing tat i would cheer her up is by ambik berat bout her, ask her whether she has eaten...and other more.
these ar memories that she lfet for us..

u left this world peacefully ^@^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

any1 who is kind willing to finish my hw?


erm... tats wat i think about... ha...haha...hah!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ruling's 18th bday!!!

better now..

as what i heard, she is getting better compared to previous time..
keep it up.. dint manage to visit u 2day... soory~~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


when i was in skol staying back tis afternoon, i received a massage from....
"Ah ma may be admit mahkota again,dont want to eat..."
so....after my tuition finished at 9 pm, dad fetched me to mahkota to visit grandma..

i saw tubes are being inserted to her nose, hands,throat and other parts..
yet, she is unconcious...keeps sleeping....
so, i hav to wake her up by calling her and holding her hands ..
at last , she opened her eyes..looking at me..
seems like she has something to say,but she cant!

few relatives were there too... some were even crying...
as the 2nd oldest grandson... what can i do?

lastly, doctor said...
"she has fever,due to fever....
her organs ar infected by virus...
and bcuz of flame tat stuck in her throat,her brain is lack of oxygen.
not bcuz of dont hav appetite to eat, just tat she feels difficulties to swallow..
she is in critical stage now....

Monday, September 14, 2009

bless bless bless....

after waking up sharp at 7pm,i rushed into the toilet and had a quick bath~
around 8, i reached my 3rd uncle's house,the one who is taking care of my grandparents...
the moment i saw grandma,compared to the previous time, she is now more skinny and looks much more tired..
she cant even talk, moves her fingers...lying on the bed..
the only thing that she can do, open and close her eyes...
she is more weak,less spiritual,doesn't want to eat...

days before these, she was a healthy old women,at age of 79 years old..
2 weeks ago, she has been discharged from mahkota medical center.
yet, she is back to normal...