Sunday, January 24, 2010


today is sunday again... whenver it is sunday, time flies.. :(
so... as usual, woke up in the morning, had a cup of milo n biscuits...
fetched brother to somewhr in tengkera, then myself went to ske again...

reached around 11 am... started to finish my physics report... so, while i was half way doing...
was wondering how was king...since he was having high fever yesterday n dint join us for cc...
phoned him and asked..."king, mane u?"
"i am in makhota medical center"....
"hmm..... which ward?"
"ok.. c u later"...

then i try to finish phys report as fast as possible~
sooner, ah ching was here v me at ske...
after i contacted others that king was emitted to hospital,
i had lunch v ching at gajah berang foodcourt....
for the 3rd time, i played truant for pa tuition for this month :)
then winford and rl also reached ske n we car-pooled to MMC..

dengue, king is on high fever bcause of dengue...
let me think back...
when i was there, chandra, shushi , kit fai were ard there~
later on, came mau, kenny ,andrew and jai juet xD
just stayed there around 1 hour..
told king that will be informing beta class 2molo^^...
wakakaka~ besides, brought him grapes too~
hoping that he will recover as soon as posible..
cuz he might miss many lessons for all his subjects :( !!

.. then went back to ske to continue my hw..
dam it....right now i still left 2 homeworks to be handed up by tomorrow~...
then 3 more to be handed up soon!!..

when i was in MMC, i remembered back the last time i went there was when my late beloved grandmother passed away...when it was 23rd of september 2009.
erm..hopes she is in another new world now ^.^

and... i hav just finished hanging back those just-washed curtains....
sweat and very hot now... @@
mum is baking kuih bang kek~
sis is doing hw..
iam blogging and lastly,
dad n bro went out xD

nitez, hav a sweet dream.. :O

Saturday, January 9, 2010

tai ee long!!!!

willy's - 10
ah er's -10
ho sin's -10
mattew- 10
cake for matt n sin -4

i do not dare to write the total amount since u know addition...
pay it to my boss , tsl...==

haha, but... :(
goood nite!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Tat's why write clearly la...if nt c liao blur blur nt nice to read noe!!
ish...paham x?? =)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

4th day

2day is the 4th day after skol reopens..
i feel that...
it has totally diff from last year..completely diff..
now... everything comes in...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



down sial...





I told u not to step on my tail!!
ask u not to say but u keep on spreading..great and well done! bo eng a T.T
kk tis sentence can be used: it's sad to have tis kind of friend,damn!!
damn hot today!! arghhhhh...gao e a!!
n it's damn hot too to have u as eng...hmph!!!

aiks... i dint spread aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........
== haha... really la, dint spread!!!!!!
amitabha... :)...
swt... dont le, sensitive issue==..
x good ma~
then it's d 1st place,n oso d 1st time?? loh :(
but i insaf-ed le...haix~reali
sorry ler T.T

Sunday, January 3, 2010

last minute lah==

TAKE note: the graph pyramid i did wrongly, so dont follow exactly..
.i mean i did wrong qeustion :)