Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 months since july

thinking back of 2 to 3 years back, i was childish and playful and life is all about happiness.
but when i think back of it now, my life last time was much better than now..

i have lost myself.
my soul has gone, it will nvr come back.
may be one day, i have to find it back by myself.

life was nvr be this though as before.
one's target is set and must be archived..

i dont hope that this world , one day will bring me darkness and destroy
my dream and life

one day, i might be successful by myself, by doing the best in myself.
whatever obstacles that i faced in fulfilling my destination, i will curb it by my way.

life is though, always, every second, every moment.
one's future is controlled by themselves.
no one could help us to success in life unless independent, nvr give up and have faith in ourselves.

mum and dad have high hopes on us.
they want us be successful in life one day and make them proud for once in their life.
it is so true and that is the only hope of every parents on their children.

Study hard and smart to everyone and hopes that u all will do well in ur future.
Good Luck~

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